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Tips for trips

Trebic Surroundings offers many tourist attractions. Where to go, for example, you can read on the website visittrebic.eu . An ideal trip there is something for everyone.


Look-out tower “Na pekelném kopci” (On Infernal Hill)

Walk from Trebic – Look-out tower on Infernal hill.
External link: Look-out tower “Pekelný kopec”
Interesting tourist destination in the south of Trebic was founded in 2014. The lookout tower was erected on top of Hell’s hills (572 m n. M.), Measures 26.5 meters and is made of larch wood with metal elements. It offers beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and Trebic. The tower is a marked trail in the 5-kilometer simple shelters and benches along the path.

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Sadek, Dalešice brewery, Rokštejn – castle ruins

Cycling around Trebic – Sadek, Dalešice brewery (brewing cycle path), Rokštejn – castle ruins.
External links: Sádek, Dalešice brewery, Rokštejn
Very good network of cycle paths on Třebíčsku invites you to explore the varied surroundings will satisfy even the most demanding cyclists. Just 8 km from Trebic pass only vineyards in the Highlands and falls under the spell around the castle Sadek. Bike paths are leading to the ruins of a medieval castle in the picturesque valley Rokštejn Brtnice or a friend Dalešice brewery from the film Postřižiny.

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sightseeing boat sail on Dalešice Reservoir

Age does not matter – sightseeing boat Dalešice Reservoir.
External link: Dalešice Reservoir
From the deck of a cruise ship with the wind in your hair, enjoy the beautiful view of the surroundings Dalešická dam and its bay is often equated to the Norwegian fjords.
In summer, you ride on a timetable, the off-season sails regularly on weekends. Age does not matter, enjoy sailing all ages.

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